Friday, August 3, 2012

Recon At Laser Battle Setapak

It was a random decision the night before August 3rd 2012, that the Battle Babes developed this burning desire to be the first among their friends to try out Laser Battle’s laser tag system called Nexus 2nd Gen. Reportedly one of the most worldly renowned Laser Tag system in the realm of Laser Tagging.

Laser Battle Setapak is their second brunch located at the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. Laser Battle originated from Ipoh and although the Battle Babes has had some experience playing with Rift (Nexus Younger Brother), a sized down version for Nexus (Big Brother). But we were all excited to try Nexus 2nd Gen, which we were told was way “way” different from Rift.

Watch our video below as the Battle Babes express their feeling and experiences based on their first impressions of the Nexus laser tag system. 

Only me (GB) General Babe, Bow-Babe and Domo-Babe (a.k.a Nel-Babe) manage to make it to the location after a long drive in multiple extreme jams from Subang to Puchong to Setapak. But we made it and got lost going up the wrong side of the building. WTH??

After being buzzed in, meeting the staff and playing our games, Bow-Babe actually did like the UV lights in the washroom. According to her it was "COOL" and the Arena being 7000sq feet did look quite daunting to me.

We did have more to say about the Nexus 2nd Gen System.... as you can see below.

The video below is strictly for hard core laser tag gamers only, laymen could possibly fall asleep watching this video.
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